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A Mary Mom

May 13, 2018
What does it mean to be a Mary Mom? Mindfulness- How committed are you to God? Do you have God on your mind? Available- Mary made herself available to God.…

Everyday Peace

May 6, 2018
Today is Mission Sunday. And we have a group of youth from our church that just got back from serving God on a Mission Trip to Hermosillo, Mexico. They share…

Defeating Doubt

April 8, 2018

He Is Risen

April 1, 2018
Jesus has Risen!!! 3 Points Jesus Has the Power Over Death: Over Himself Jesus Has the Power Over Death: For Others Jesus Has the Power Over Death: For Each of…
Pastor "Mac" talks about being patients, and how much we have to wait in life. Patients may help with our waiting. Pastor "Mac" helps us on giving us patients with…
Pastor "Mac" continues the Series "The Flawless Character of Christ" by talking about David
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